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Kokudo Oh - The Black Eye Kin: vol.1

Bosarre is a small mountainous country, nestled between two great empires, Rohan and Geild. Trying to maintain its independence, the new king, Isiodore, is offered a princess from each empire as his bride. The princesses, Bellecher (Monica Mayhem) and Ariel (Aria Giovanni), are to live with Isiodore for a month and a half before he makes his choice. He must treat them fairly, both in and out of the bedroom, as the army of the scorned princess is poised at the border to exact revenge if they hear of any unfair treatment on Isiodore's part. He is familiar with both the arrogant Bellecher, and the demure Ariel, from his past. He is demanding total submission from both, even appointing Irene, his maid, to teach the princess the techniques to please him. He will revel nightly in the sensual pleasures of the flesh with both princesses while the fate of his country hangs in the balance.

Duration: 29 min

Censorship: No

Added: 18-04-2011

Release Year: 2000



Categorie(s): Big Tits, Lesbian

Genre(s): Romance, Action


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