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Pisu Hame: vol.6

Pisu Hame! The anime adaptation of the hentai manga with the same name. Story - So the story is not your everyday hentai plot. Our hero is a somewhat wimpy looking guy that had been assigned a task to be done in school. He goes around collecting the photos of his upperclassmen for the graduation album. The thing is though, these "photos" are them having sex. So basically he goes around school to have sex with his upperclassmen. Some may require challenge before having their photos taken and some give in and willingly have sex with him in a whim. All of these happening while being watched by his lovely senpai. A good enough story for a hentai plot isn't it? 7/10 Art - The art is different from your usual hentai. You either love it or not. Personally I really like it in fact it gives off a breath of fresh air as I am able to see something new. 9/10 Sound - Really nothing much to comment on the sound. Though the BGM played during the funny parts is "fun". 6/10 Character - I like the MC of Pisu Hame!. He may look wimpy but he is actually "the man". He even did a gang of delinquents. The other characters, nothing much to comment to. 7/10 Enjoyment - All in all I really enjoyed it. If you are looking for a hentai with decent sex and is fappable, I recommend Pisu Hame!. The point of views during sex are hot. In fact, this hentai made my day specially when I saw episode 4. Man, that was invigorating. I go all the way with enjoyment, 10/10.

Duration: 20 min

Censorship: Yes

Added: 30-05-2013

Release Year: 2013


Subt: -

Categorie(s): Big Tits

Genre(s): Adventure, Comedy, Campus


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